The Legacy of Prophecy Academy

Academy interested in Sharia sciences and the Arabic language

It is distinguished by its elaborate educational system and its observance of the quality of educational outputs

It guarantees its students tangible results if they adhere to the established methodological plan

It welcomes all age groups (women..boys..girls), starting from five years old and above.

The possibility of attending in the academy or through online lessons.

    • User Experience Design - UI/UX Delight the user and make it work.
    • Web & User Interface Design - Development Websites, web experiences, ...
    • Interaction Design - Animation I like to move it move it.
    • UX Design Awards 2021 Design Center Berlin
    • Web Development Awards 2021 CSS Design Awards
    • Mobile App Designer Award 2021 Design Studio USA
    • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Stanford university USA
    • UX design Course UK UX design schools
    • UI Design Course Austin Center for Design
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educational paths

Educational paths available at the Legacy of the Prophet Academy

The path of the legal section

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Arabic language path

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The educational path for non-Arabic speakers

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The path of the legal section

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Qualification courses for Quran teachers

Sharia lessons

Explanation of some intonation

Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniah

Leave with related bond

Mastering and improving recitation episodes

Arabic Language Department Track

Foundation course


to express



Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

strengthening cycle

The educational path for non-Arabic speakers

Holy Qur'an

Al-Qaida Al-Nooraniah


Arabic Language

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    Honor people, honor the Qur’an, and bestow upon it souls and bodies
    People... God has chosen their hearts to become a garden from the planting of guidance

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